Olympic experiences that bring people together

The Czech NOC and its official partner T-Mobile have been working together to promote a healthy lifestyle to the general public since 2013. Together we seek ways to connect sport and modern technology. We create Olympic experiences for visitors both big and small at Olympic festivals, which T-Mobile has been regularly involved in since the first edition in 2014.

A unique joint activity is the T-Mobile Olympic Run. The Olympic Day festival of sport, held to mark the establishment of the International Olympic Committee, has been celebrated in the Czech Republic since 1987. However, thanks to the support of T-Mobile, it has made significant progress since 2015. Under the slogan “Different runners, different routes, one idea”, more than 70,000 runners, including more than 60,000 children, are involved at dozens of locations every year.

The main race then starts at the same time in all locations nationwide. In addition, part of the entry fee is donated through the Czech Olympic Foundation to help children who otherwise can’t afford to participate. From 2016 to 2019 the Czech Athletic Association named the T-Mobile Olympic Run as the best running event of the year. “I am very proud of how T-Mobile has made the Olympic Run into a phenomenon,” says Ladislav Báča, Marketing Communications Director at T-Mobile.