Together we create the best opportunities that lead to success

The first joint project of the CPI Property Group and the Czech Olympic team was the Czech Team Fanzone. Before and during the 2016 Games in Rio, the Quadrio Shopping Centre hosted a presentation of the sports collection, profiles of Olympic athletes, accompanying events and the launch of a book. This led to the conclusion of a long-term partnership, with the CPI Property Group becoming an official partner of the Czech Olympic Team until 2024.

The Czech Olympic team presented the start-up collection for the Olympic Games in Tokyo at the Chuchle Arena in Prague, and the Olympic athletes, and at the same venue they picked up their Olympic collection for the Games in both Tokyo and Beijing.

The most significant cooperation so far is the Beijing 2022 Olympic Festival, which took place at the Nová Zbrojovka venue in Brno. This is a multifunctional project that will be built on land formerly occupied by the Zbrojovka munitions works under the leadership of CPIPG. At the same time, it will make a significant contribution to improving the quality of public arena.

Like athletes, CPI Property Group is involved in a wide range of disciplines and ensures that its buildings are maintained in the best possible condition. The core values of the CPIPG group, values which it shares with the Olympic movement, include fair play and long-term sustainability. “We are extremely proud to support not only the Czech delegation, but also the Olympic philosophy and sport in the Czech Republic in general. As a company, we are very intensively engaged in sustainability and the future, which is why the values and interests of the Czech NOC are very close to us. Establishing a partnership with the Czech NOC is a very important step for the CPI Property Group. We choose our cooperation partners carefully and we believe that it has a great meaning and benefit for both parties.” said Zdeněk Havelka, Managing Director of the CPI Property Group.

A separate partnership, in the role of suppliers, with the Czech Olympic Team was also established by the three Olympia shopping centres in the CPI Property Group portfolio.