The driving force behind Olympic ideas

Connecting diverse social groups, improving the quality of life of all people and empowering them to break down and push boundaries. And at the same time promote sustainability. These are the goals that connect Toyota and the global Olympic movement.

“Toyota’s philosophy coincides in many ways with the spirit of the Olympic Games, both in terms of fair play and in a constant desire for improvement. Mobility in the spirit of Toyota already transcends the world of cars and helps people around the world to overcome challenges, or even disabilities,” says Martin Peleška, director of Toyota Central Europe-Czech.

Toyota has been the general partner of the Czech NOC since 2019. The company’s cooperation with the movement builds on the global partnership between Toyota and the International Olympic Committee. As part of its philosophy, Toyota also cooperates with the Paralympic movement and is an international partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games until 2024.

The Czech NOC also has at its disposal both passenger and goods vehicles from the number-one global brand in its field, including in individual projects that support sports for children and the general public, such as the National Youth Sport Festival, the Sazka Olympic School Sport Program and the Olympic Festivals.

Toyota has partnerships with a number of star Czech athletes, and its collaboration with the Czech NOC also created the Car For Sport project. “Its chief purpose is to provide transport to all sports clubs, even at the lowest level, and to contribute to the renaissance of sports for children, youth and adults in the Czech Republic,” says Martin Peleška.

Jiří Kejval, President of the Czech NOC, adds: “In this I see one of the greatest advantages of this partnership. Renting a van on advantageous terms is a unique option for sports to ensure the mobility of its competitors and materials. Commercial car rental is often unavailable for individual associations or sports clubs.”