A partner for sustainability and fair play

Sustainability and fair play are fundamental values that are professed by Fosfa in its role as general partner between 2020 and 2024, as well as the Czech NOC as the national representative of the global Olympics. “This combination is unique; it complies with the basic principles of the Olympics, such as pride, respect, respect, self-discipline, trust and, above all, fair play. It is a blending of the soul of the company into Olympic values,” says President of the Czech NOC Jiří Kejval.

Fosfa regularly relates Olympic stories inspired by Olympic values.

Fosfa CEO Ivan Baťka models himself on Tomáš Baťa, who built a global shoe empire at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Fosfa CEO recognises admires his values in both life and business. “We also believe in fair play, which is the greatest Olympic value, and we also apply it when building a corporate culture and teamwork. That is why cooperation with the Czech NOC appeals to us. Moreover, I like the fact that the Czech NOC devotes a lot of attention to children’s and youth projects.”

At the Beijing 2022 Olympic Festival, Fosfa teamed up with the festival’s most popular venue, the bobsleigh, sledge and skeleton track. During the Olympic Games in Beijing, Fosfa also supported the czechteam.tv project, and it was thanks to Fosfa that the Path to the Dream programme, which told the stories of Czech athletes as they pursued their Olympic dream, came into being.