We live the Olympic way

The Czech Olympic Foundation helps thousands of children to stay involved in sport. At the Sazka Olympic School Sport Program, tens of thousands of schoolchildren find out what it is like to exceed themselves, while at the same time forging a relationship with a sport that will stay with them throughout their lives. It also helps the following:

  • Families whose search for sports events and clubs is made easier by the Sport in your Area website.
  • Young athletes who get a taste of the Olympic atmosphere at the National Youth Sport Festival.
  • Athletes of the Czech Olympic Team.

All of these projects are supported by Sazka.

“Since its foundation, Sazka has been a proud ambassador for Czech sport. The Sazka Olympic Route is a path to sport for all, regardless of age, gender or health status. Our journey is based on Olympic values and fair play ideals,” says Sazka CEO Aleš Veselý. In this spirit, for example, its employees are actively involved as volunteers in projects for children, such as the National Youth Sport Festival and the Sazka Olympic School Sport Program.

Sazka has been a partner of the Czech Olympic Team since 2013, when it became the main partner and a regular contributor to the Czech Olympic Foundation. Since 2017 it has been the general partner of the Czech Olympic Team.  It has gradually become involved in other projects. For example, a third of Czech schools participate in the Sazka Olympic School Sport Program, whose aim is to improve the physical fitness of Czech children. The project has also produced interesting statistics in this area. Did you know that children from larger cities are more proficient? For further information, please click HERE.

During the Olympic Games in Tokyo and Beijing, Sazka was involved in the czechteam.tv project, in which it had its own shows, Sazka Studio Stromovka (Tokyo) and Sazka Studio (Beijing). Sazka Studio summarized not only current events at the Winter Olympic Games, but also took viewers behind the scenes and gave them a look at Czech show business with the help of forty-seven guests.