Giving exercise greater meaning

ČEZ is a proud partner of the Czech Olympic Team, whose members use the ČEZ Foundation’s EPP Pomáhej pohybem (EPP Help with Exercise) app to motivate the general public to take exercise and help others through exercise.

For several years we have worked together with the Czech Olympic Team to help children who don’t have enough money to take part in sport. As part of the T-Mobile Olympic Run, we collect funds for children who the Czech Olympic Foundation helps to stay involved in sport. And we enjoy it – together we make exercise more meaningful.

Whether you go jogging, cycling, skiing, ice-skating, or participate in other sports with the EPP Pomáhej pohybem app, you can enjoy your own activity and help others with the points. This is a charity project that gives every user the opportunity to determine which projects and the extent of financial support they receive from the ČEZ Foundation.

At the Beijing 2022 Olympic Festival, visitors could help in this way at the cross-country skiing station, which ČEZ and the EPP Pomáhej pohybem became involved with.

EPP Pomáhej pohybem