Education, joy and help for senior citizens

JOHNNY SERVIS specializes in providing comprehensive facilities for events, construction and event management. So it’s no wonder that it has been an integral part of the Olympic Festivals since 2016, when it became an official supplier to the Czech Olympic Team. It also contributes to the National Youth Sport Festival and the T-Mobile Olympic Run.

“We see the partnership not only as support for the Czech Team, but mainly as support for a healthy lifestyle, exercise, positive emotions and joy – whether it’s children, young adults or senior citizens,” says Matthew Vaclav Duras, CEO of JOHNNY SERVIS s.r.o.

A clear example of this were the Meeting Room mobile containers, which for a few months during the COVID-19 pandemic allowed residents of retirement homes to meet their loved ones safely. These were originally intended to promote Olympic values and educate children at Olympic festivals – but they were postponed to 2021, just like the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Matthew V. Duras was also enthusiastic about the project, which brought families together all over the country, from Říčany to northern Moravia. “It was clear to us that people in homes lost strength every extra day they couldn’t see their relatives. So we acted immediately and worked out a way to adapt our trailer.”

For the Edu Olympic zone, Johnny Servis provided two beautiful glazed containers with an exhibition on the Olympic movement, Olympic values and Tokyo 2020, supplemented with interesting videos that visitors could play themselves using QR codes.