The best place in France to watch Czech olympians outside the venues? Czech House in the cabaret!

Czech House
Czech House
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This is a must-visit spot during the Olympic Games in Paris! Czech House in La Villette Park offers encounters with athletes, live broadcasts, and plenty of entertainment in the exceptional atmosphere of a French cabaret. It also introduces foreign visitors to Czech culture and art. And of course, Czech beer will be available. It's worth visiting Czech House for the Olympic experience even without tickets to the actual competitions. Tickets will be available for purchase from May 1, 2024.

Meeting point for athletes and fans? Cabaret Sauvage

In both London 2012 and Pyeongchang 2018, Czech House earned "gold medals" from international media. In Korea, American hockey players came here to celebrate Olympic gold. "We are proud of the reputation that Czech House has in our country and around the world. This is confirmed by the fact that the organizing committee in France approached us as the very first country to be part of La Villette Park, where the largest fan zone is being created with other national houses," says Jiří Kejval, Chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee. Figure skating champion Nathalie Péchalat, head of the French house Club France, sends a message to the Czech Republic: "We are pleased that Czech House is part of the Nations' Park, where more Olympic committees will celebrate sports. We look forward to welcoming you there soon."

Fans will find Czech House in the intriguing space of Cabaret Sauvage, which captures the atmosphere of a French cabaret while also offering pleasant outdoor seating. "It will be the best place in France to watch Czech athletes in action if you don't have tickets to the competitions," says Jiří Kejval. "At the same time, the Nations' Park will offer the opportunity to visit houses and get to know the culture of another fifteen countries."

A program full of sports and other entertainment

The biggest draw for fans will be meeting Czech athletes – ideally during medal celebrations and other successes. The program will be packed from the first day: it will offer television broadcasts, sports quizzes, entertaining audiovisual shows, and a glimpse behind the scenes of Czech athletes' preparations.

"Our national house will also host the Czech team's Olympic television, which will broadcast several formats daily, including live broadcasts of celebrations with athletes and interesting performances. We are designing the program so that fans and athletes are close to each other," says Tomáš Houska, head of digital media at the Czech Olympic Committee.

We want to show fans from all over the world the best – including Czech art.

Part of the program will be in French and English for foreign guests. "Czechs are perceived positively in the sports world as capable event organizers who speak languages, laugh, are proud, but can also make fun of themselves and are team players. Czech House will be like that too," adds Houska.

The Czech House will showcase the best of the Czech Republic

Traditionally, Czech House will also showcase Czech culture as a whole to international guests. "Czech House represents not only sports but also the country as a whole abroad. We want to show fans from all over the world the best – including Czech art," adds Blanka Konečná, director of Czech House. The house will also feature an exhibition from the Sport in Art exhibition, which takes place at the Czech Center in Paris during the Olympic Games.

France is famous for its excellent cuisine and great wine. Czech House will traditionally offer a tasting of Czech beer. "We have agreements with sixteen microbreweries across the country to show in Paris how good beer is brewed in the Czech Republic. Breweries will rotate during the Games, and the selection will be truly diverse," says Blanka Konečná. Along with beer, fans can try Czech delicacies, including bread baked on-site.
Ticket sales start on May 1, 2024

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Tickets to Czech House can be purchased online from May 1, 2024. Until the end of June, they will be available at a discounted price of 20.24 euros (approximately 500 Czech crowns), and from July onwards for 24 euros. "Tickets purchased online guarantee full-day access. The price is among the lowest of all national houses. Only single-entry tickets will be available on-site if capacity is not filled," adds Blanka Konečná.

Czech House will officially open on July 26, 2024, and during the Games, fans can visit from 12:00 pm to midnight. All information about registration, tickets, and the Czech House program will always be up-to-date on the official website.

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