From lager to sour specials. The Czech house will offer the world beer specialties from all over the Czechia

Czech House
Czech House
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Thirty-two craft beers from twelve regions of the Czech Republic and sixteen stories of Czech microbreweries will be presented to visitors of the Czech house in Paris. In addition to lagers, beer specials will also be on tap. They will rotate after four days and eight beers will be on tap at the same time. There will also be fresh bread and selected Czech delicacies. The doors to the Czech House in Paris will be officially opened on 26 July. Tickets are available now on the Czech house website

"People come to the Czech house to drink beer, so we are happy to be able to present to fans from all over the world how good and varied beer is brewed here," said Jiří Kejval, Chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee. Beers from four microbreweries will be on tap at the same time every day, with each brewery having the opportunity to present two types. There will be both classic lagers and various beer specials, such as ALE, IPA or sour. Clock Brewery also has one gluten-free beer in its selection.

"We have selected the breweries so that we have the widest possible representation of the regions of the Czech Republic and the most varied range of craft beers. Visitors will be able to taste up to 32 different types of beer throughout the Olympic Games," said Blanka Konečná, project manager of the Czech House.


There will be a total of four taps in the Czech House - two in the inner part and two in the outer part. The draught will be poured into returnable Czech-made cups, which visitors to the Czech House can buy as a souvenir.

Visitors can also taste potato lox or ducat buns

With beer, fans can try classic national delicacies, whether sourdough bread baked on site by czech baker Karel Rendl or something from the wide range of slightly different Czech fast food from GAST-PRO. "We focused on food that you can eat in your hands and take away. We have prepared everything from sandwiches, to meat from our own smokehouse accompanied by potato lox, to a sweet spot in the form of a czech specialty - ducat buns with vanilla sauce," says chef Michal Taufman.

In all areas it will be possible to pay only by credit card thanks to the cashless VISA system, which is a partner of the Czech house. To speed up the dispensing of drinks, visitors will purchase drink tokens in advance at the kiosk and then hand them in at the bar according to the number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks purchased.

Microbreweries at the Czech House in Paris:

Tour 26. - 30. July.

- Most Brewery
- Brewery Lucky Bastard
- Brewery Obora
- Brewery Nachmelená Opice

Tour 31. July - 3. August

- Brewery Spojovna
- Clock Brewery
- Brewery Únětice
- Brewery Tišnov

Tour 4. - 7. 8.

- Vinohrady Brewery
- Brewery Kamenice
- Brewery Trautenberk
- Brewery Zichovec

Tour 8. - 11. 8.

- Brewery Hostivar
- Brewery Krušnohor
- Brewery Permon
- Brewery Harry

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